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Quality policy


The quality policy is an integral part of business policy arising from the mission and vision with the aim of efficient operations and effective performance of business activities:

 Manufacturing and sale of welding consumables (filler welding materials)

For the establishment of a quality management system is responsible Management, while each employee is responsible for the effectiveness of its work.
The employees will keep their jobs to the satisfaction of all customers, taking into account all their needs and problems and solving them in a satisfactory manner in accordance with legal regulations.
The sales policy is focused on the very simple fact, which is: offer a customer  quality product at a competitive price.
From that it follows, maximum consideration of complaints / reclamation of customer. Management will strengthen the sense of belonging to the company, through a system of values of human resources and  the criteria of competence and knowledge, which will seek to achieve business results to the satisfaction of employees.

With a view to continuous improvement of efficiency, the main goal is achievable through annual plans and objectives and appropriate measurable indicators established by the system of control and measurement.
The company is committed to the application of modern technologies and business methodologies and the application of laws and regulations.

Zapresic, 19. may 2014.


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