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Elektroda Zagreb


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2017. Partner gathering of Elektroda Zagreb d.d.
Skup distributera EZ 2017

In the period from 11.05. - 13.05.2017. Elektroda Zagreb dd, organised traditional partner gathering



february 2016. IWE and IWT course

Traditionally, Elektroda  Zagreb d.d each year hosts the IWE and IWT courses , which is organized by CWS (Croatian Society for welding techniques). This generation had a record number of participants (more than 50 candidates).

A visit to the Elektroda  Zagreb dd consisted of:
- Tour of production and laboratory for testing of raw materials and final products
- Theoretical lecture with a focus on new products and their certification by TÜV
- Practical presentation of typical products in the factory welding room


june 2015. Partner gathering of Elektroda Zagreb d.d.

In the period from 11.06. - 13.06.2015. Elektroda Zagreb dd, held partner gathering with the goal of presenting new assortment  of Elektroda Zagreb dd and KISWEL Korea, with a welding demonstration by our experts.


june 2013. Celebration of 65 years of continuous production in Elektroda Zagreb d.d.

Company Elektroda Zagreb d.d. held partner gathering wich took place in Novigrad (Istria) in the period from 07.06.- 09.06.2013.

During that weekend new  products from KISWEL KOREA and ELEKTRODA ZAGREB dd were presented to our partners with welding demonstration by our experts  and rounded off by an interesting evening in an authentic maritime atmosphere.

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